No. Title Author Date Journal Publication
1 Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Brain Dynamics in the Loss and Recovery of Consciousness and Its Explana Seul-Ki Yeom 2018-02-24 KOREA University KOREA University
2 Online Temporal Action Localization from Untrimmed Video Stream by Foreseeing Upcoming Frames DH Yoon 2018-02-24 KOREA University KOREA University
3 Sequential Multi-Scale Convolutional Neural Network for False Positive Reduction of Pulmonary Nodule bk Kim 2018-02-24 KOREA University KOREA University
4 Parametric Information Bottleneck to Optimize Stochastic Neural Networks Thanh T. Nguyen 2018-02-12 UNIST UNIST
5 An Expectation Maximization Method to Learn the Group Structure of Deep Neural Network Subin Yi 2018-02-12 UNIST UNIST
6 Combined Group and Exclusive Sparsity for Deep Neural Networks Yoon, Jaehong 2018-02-12 UNIST UNIST
7 Automatic Decomposition of Self-Triggering Kernels of Hawkes Process Rafael Lima, Jaesik Choi 2018-02-18 corr arXiv 1703.09068